the Remedy Project | Our Team
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Our Team


John Keen, CAC, Executive Director

Beth Keen, Counselor & Facilitator

Sarah Brzezinski, Marketing & Public Relations

Buddy Adams, Counselor


Board of Directors

Chairman: Gary Beard, Chief of Operations, ICE Academy in the Department of Homeland Security

Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Murray, Owner, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Southeast GA

Board Member: Bob Paterson, Manufacturing & Engineering Consultant

Board Member: James W. “Bill” Barrow, Director of Risk Management & Chaplain, Sea Island Company

Board Member: Paul Hearn, Technology Services at College of Coastal Georgia

Board Member: Peggy Dixon, Director of Public Affairs for Dept. of Homeland Security, Retired

Agent: Foster Lindberg, Attorney at Law; Ligon, Lindberg & Lanier P.C.


Advisory Board

Alice Keen
Travis Paulding
Clint Day
Charlie Reeves
Dick James
Lynn Love